Friday, January 8, 2010

friday night sew-in reminder....Jan 15th!

WOW.....we have 51 people signed up for our virtual Friday night sew-in! I'm sooo excited!!! for any of you who haven't seen it....go to my sewing buddies blog and sign up! we have a button for your blog and also have give aways too!

So I thought I would give you a little history on how this night was born.

Heidi and I are cousins....and have become great friends through the years. Our grandma, Alice, used to sew and we cherish the fact that we have carried on her legacy. She passed away before I ever discovered this love and obsession for sewing.....but I'm sure she is proud!

My sister, Kristie, made me an adorable bag a few years ago......and that started the sewing craze. Heidi saw it, bought the pattern, and started sewing like a mad woman! then after a few months, she finally talked me into learning how and taught me on a fun weekend we had together in a cabin in flagstaff!!! (yes we drug all of our sewing stuff up to the woods!!) well.....this has led me to quilting which i really do enjoy!

anyhoo... last summer, Heidi and I decided to take a night (which happened to be a friday) and sew "together" via our cell phones. (we live 260 miles apart). We were working on the same project and sharing pictures and ideas all through the night.

once we realized how fun it was....we decided to do it at least every 3-4 weeks. then came the "lets share" idea and VOILA.....the "Friday night sew-in" was born.

so hurry...sign up...don't be late....cuz its next Friday night!!!


Sue said...

It's a lovely idea. Friday night is my favourite stitching night, as it helps me "wash away the week". Last night's stitching was made special because I knew that there would be stitchers all over the world stitching during their Friday night.

Anonymous said...

I just realised what the date is....I'm a week early for the Sew-In! lol Maybe it is something to do with being on holiday. I will be sewing NEXT Friday night as well!

Needled Mom said...

What a great story! I saw the other day how large our group has gotten for next Friday. It is sew exciting!!!!!

Bobbi said...

i wanted to include so much more!!! Heidi has become a best friend to me and i cherish our relationship SO much!!! the fact that we are family is the best part..cuz we are stuck with each other for years to come.

Val said...

I loved hearing the story. That is great. I am signed up and cannot wait! This has really encouraged me to sew. Thank you both.