Saturday, November 27, 2010

Aprons are a MUST

Here is a picture of my sister and i cooking on thanksgiving. i am SOOO glad she gave me an apron and brought hers. along with it being very practical, it was kind of fun. those ladies in the 50s had the right idea!

my sisters is adorable! it has lucille ball in a chefs hat. next week im going to hunt around my LQS for some of this fab and make myself one of these. we hope to get some sewing time in tonight. she is going to make her grandson a little mans apron because he loves to cook with his mommy. :)
these 2 have been inseparable all weekend. aint it sweet?!!
Time to go do some shopping. These girls are getting pedicures .......because after cooking for 8 hours on thanksgiving i think we deserve it!!!


Val said...

Oh I love your aprons!!! I have been wearing one this weekend at the Sparta Hilton. I had it here because it looks old. Then I read something the other day about how practical an apron was. I have wore it the whole weekend. If you find that fabric...let us know. I want some too!!! I love Lucy!

Patty said...

Love the aprons, very cute and practical. Love the picture of your nephew and the dog. :^)

Libby said...

Super cute aprons!!! and I sure love that dog!