Monday, November 22, 2010

make life owly

i had a few people ask me about the kit i bought at my LQS friday night. here is what it will look like.....this is the one THEY had made up! caught my eye and my wallet :)
the pattern is BITTY OWL by BunnyHill Designs. just think of all the fun ways to make it!
last night i was doing a little blog surfin and came upon a few ideas for tree skirts. SewMamaSew has a link to an idea that i like, but didnt love. i liked 2 diff things on 2 diff skirts. so out came the drawing pad and i think ive come up with something i will love to make.
10pm last night i was rummaging through my fabric (cuz we all have a huge stash of it) and i came across my figgy pudding stash. WOOHOO.....ive got PLENTY for this tree skirt project and heck, maybe even a quilt...... maybe 2 quilts.....maybe a few potholders......
lets just say i have loads of it ;)

1 comment:

Maria said...

Love the owl Bobbi and I am looking forward to seeing your finished tree skirt.
You don't really have a lot of fabric in your stash. LOL