Tuesday, November 23, 2010

gum is banned!!! (call me oprah)

i have a helpful hint for all of us moms and dads out there who have found gum stuck in our dryers. i had bought a brand new shiny washer and dryer.....and day 4 of using these beautiful pieces of machinery, i opened the dryer and found the gum pictured below ALL OVER the inside of my dryer. not just a few specs.....oh heck no.....an entire pack of rasberry flavored AND colored gum on everything. it seemed to cover almost my entire drum. (the clothes only had a few spots--strange i know)

so after a little cussing and crying.......i ran downstairs and googled "gum in dryer". i was desperate. well let me tell you the very first helpful hint i found was this. (see picture below).
i said to myself NO WAY could it be this easy! after a quick late night trip to the store, i tried it and it WORKED.
all you have to do is take a dryer sheet of any brand, get it wet, lay it on the gum for a few minutes and then rub. it came RIGHT OFF! ! there of course were a few spots where a hefty chunk o' gum had glued itself to the inside.....so it took a little elbow grease and a few more sheets (i think i used half the box) but it worked like a charm.


lisa said...

been there, cried over that. Now I have sharpie stains everywhere in my dryer. thank you Mr Clean magic eraser and some elbow grease I am 90% done with that one. I need to go back tomorrow with better light to get the rest but shesh!

Anonymous said...

Oh boy do I hear you with this one! Only one of my crew left a SHARPIE permanent marker in a pocket that I overlooked.

Needled Mom said...

Been there too!!! I have probably gone through gallons of Disolv*it in my lifetime for that - crayons, gum, tar, etc. My biggest problem these days is Chap*Stick.

Val said...

I have experienced this too! That is a neat trick to know but I hope that we never have to deal with that again. I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving.

The Vegetarian Hunter said...

OMG, that is so amazing. I had no idea Bounce could do that! Thank goodness for you - and of course in the new machine!
Thanks for sharing the tip!

Carolina said...

How did we moms clean up the horrible messes our children hand us before google?? So glad you got it out! : )