Monday, January 17, 2011

Friday Night Sew-In signups

be sure and hop on over to HEIDIs blog to sign up for this fridays FNSI. 

I will be in charge of the giveaway this month.  i already have a few items but found something really fun tonight.  it just might have to be my project for friday night.

we are having some springlike weather here in vegas the past few days.  today was like 73 degrees.  its so hard to think that people i know and love are freezing right now and burried under feet and feet of snow.
but im not sitting here at 830 at night with a window open right next to me. 

so whats new out there on the project lists?  i try surfing flickr but im not a pro at that program.  is that how you all learn about fun new projects?  (like mugrugs etc)  i do spend a lot of nights during the week surfing because after working my full time job, im too brainless to sew and create. 

last weekend i went to my LQS and tried finding something new and fun and came up empty handed.  wait...i take that back.  i did add some fabric to my never ending stash.  HEEHEE

do your LQS have fun projects and kits for small things or just mainly quilts?  i wish they would offer more kits already made up.  when i first learned how to sew and started with bags, Heidi and i found a quiltshop in flagstaff that had made their own bag pattern and sold kits.  i guess that being my first experience spoiled me....because im always looking for some project like that.  a sweet baggie of already cut fabs and a pattern.  someone should start a small project shop with kits for mugrugs, pincushions, tea towels, aprons etc.  those quick projects we all love.

see you friday.


Jane said...

I bought a quilt kit of an ebay shop, and was delighted to find all the pieces cut and lsbelled. I've done two of their quilts like that, great for a newbie quilter

Impera Magna said...

My LQS does have some kits... mostly bags and totes... but I did love the one quilt kit I bought to make for a friend. I suppose people like picking out their own fabrics. Will have to ask my LQS owner next time I'm there.

Laurel H. said...

One source of inspiration for new projects, besides following lots of quilting blogs and hanging out in flickr, is to join some Yahoo groups. I joined the Stashbuster group and a few others, and they are never ending sources of inspiration. Stashbusters especially motivates me; it encourages me to decrease the size of my stash, and with over 5000 members, there are lots of happenings throughout the day. You might enjoy joining a Yahoo group.

I would guess that people don't buy kits for the same reason I don't buy them. The kits seem to cost more than the fabrics would if I bought them individually. Also, I often want different fabrics than the ones that are in the kit. But I can definitely see how some would like kits, especially if they are intimidated by selecting their own fabrics, or if they do not have a substantial stash.

Val said...

I am already signed up and ready to go!!!

Kristen said...

I've never tried a kit unless it was a cross-stitch. I have to catch up on so much stuff- slow start to the year.

Jamie said...

Looking forward to FNSI! I hope my "men" will give me a chance to finish up a bunch of projects that I've been sitting on since having the baby a bit early. I still have a Christmas gift to finish. And of course I need to get started on my Potholder Pass 6!