Friday, January 14, 2011

girls weekend bag

 a couple years ago, HEIDI and i had a girls weekend with some friends in vegas.  i made us each one of these bags and we filled them with goodies. 

while digging through boxes in my organization obsession, i ran across it and thought it deserved a post.  its kind of got the valentine flair.....with a kick.

see the "lips" fabric around the edges? LOVE IT.   its a BIG bag---i think before putting together measurements were 18x20.

check out these fabrics....... zebra, cheetah, lips, hearts.   I might be going on a trip soon....i think ill use this bag.  its too fun to be hiding in my closet.

update on bookcase:  nothing to report yet---but your ideas and tips were FABULOUS!!!
                                 im doing a little shop hopping this stay tuned.


Jamie said...

That is a fun bag!

Brenda said...

Love your bag!

Val said...

I love the bag. Gorgeous!!!

Unknown said...

Where did you find this fabric?? I have someone that has requested it & can't seem to find it anywhere or what it is called. Please Help!! By the way, I love the lips you added!!!