Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We made it! He did it!!

my graduate
my soon to be a college student.
ive never been a prouder mom. 

the proud brothers!
my 2 buddies.
im so grateful these guys love each other! 
im lucky they respect each other.

me and my hubby.....the proud parents. 

the cake.....lets not forget the cake!

to all of you parents that have made it through graduation......hats off to you!  to all of us that made it happen after 13 longggg years of schooling....a BIG HIGH 5!!

congrats class of 2011


Maria said...

thanks for sharing the photos of the special day.
Love the cake.

Carolina said...

congratulations! : ) Very exciting big day for the whole family! :)

Jamie said...

Awesome, Bobbi! Congratulations to AJ and your entire family! What a great accomplishment!