Thursday, June 9, 2011

recipe---cajun chicken pasta

have you ever eaten at chili's? 
have you ever had their Cajun Chicken Pasta?

well......i have created my own and thought i should share it with you in blogland.

can i just tell you that this huge pampered chef bowl was at a garage sale for $4.00----SCORE!
i LOVE it!  its perfect for the family dinners.

I'm sorry but i don't have many exact measurements, because some of it is more to your taste.  but if you cook, you should be able to figure it out like i did.


1 jar alfredo sauce  (any kind will do)
milk  (maybe about 1/4-1/3cup)
cayenne pepper
salt/pepper to taste
fresh parmesan cheese  (about 1/4 cup or less)
1-2 pats of butter  (do you know a pat is 1tbsp)
chicken  (can make your own or buy a rotisserie from grocery store already cooked)
green onion tips
tomatoes if desired (i hate raw tomatoes so i omit)

cook pasta as directed on box, drain.  i make the sauce while the pasta is cooking so its all warm at the same time.  (the key to cooking is timing......something i have been told im good at )  :)

pour the jar of alfredo sauce into a skillet pan on stove top----use a med-low temp to prevent scorching.
add milk---small amounts at a time.  don't get it too runny, but don't leave it too thick. 
add cayenne pepper to taste.  i wanted it a little spicy, so i used about a teaspoon.
add salt and pepper to taste.  ( sauce was already salty so be careful with the salt)
add your "pat" of butter. 

I stirred it often to ensure it didn't burn on the bottom.  add a little parmesan cheese while its cooking.....but warning #2---this can make it gooey (professional cooking term there).  so only add a SMALL amount.  maybe 1/8 of a cup if even!!  you will add more at the end.

when it bubbles and is basically heated through,  pour it over your warm drained pasta that's in your large serving dish.  stir the sauce in.  Lastly,  sprinkle some more parmesan cheese on the top, the green onions and tomatoes if desired.  add your cut up chicken and you have yourself some easy cajun chicken pasta!

serve with your favorite garlic bread and call it DONE!

now what i wanted to do was bake/grill my own chicken with some type of blackened cajun seasonings on it, but after a long hard day at work its all about easy!  thank you to my local grocery stores for continuing to bake those yummy chickens!

I'm giving you a recipe because there isn't much crafting going on at my house right now.....BOOOOO
i am in full "holy-crap-company-is-coming-in-a-week" mode. don't EVEN get me going on my laundry pile! 

i hope you enjoy the recipe!  try it....its worth it. 


Kristen said...

I hope you get it done! That looks yummy!

Cheryl said...

I'll definitely be trying this recipe! Thanks for sharing.