Saturday, June 18, 2011

FNSI results and some family fun

my results for last night are sad....but its for a good cause :)

 I made this pin cushion last night and thats it.....but its for YOU.  its for the giveaway tomorrow.
very summery eh?  if you want to see how i make these, click HERE to see my previous post.

 my sewing room...."the mom cave".... also got cleaned.  see i have family in town.  lots going on this next week.  have i told you my sons graduating?  yeah, its FINALLY HERE!  LOL
best thing house is spotless!  (dont ya love it when that happens?)

 here is my father in law riding this little contraption my son has.  cigar in his mouth and all!  HILARIOUS!

 ok, time to get back to my family, my busy world, and my graduateeeee.  im so proud of him! 

be sure and check back tomorrow for the winner.  I will be announcing it at some point.....but i have 2 airport runs to make, company to entertain, and shopping to do.  so no guarantees how long i will make you all wait.  teeeeeheeeee


Cheryl said...

That pinchusion is so cute!!! And YIPEEEEEEEE to the graduate. Enjoy all your family time.

Maria said...

Great pincushion Bobbi.
Conratulaions to your son on graduating.
Have fun with the family.

Jane said...

What an exciting week you are going to have. Hope it all goes well, and you all enjoy it.
Love these pincushions, the cats wouldn't be able to pinch this one

Manda said...

Congrats to graduate! Pincushion looks good!