Wednesday, June 29, 2011

dum dum bouquet

a crafty cousin of mine made me this.  yeah, we are all pretty much crafty!  LOL
i would love to have enough room on my desk at work for this.....but for now im enjoying it in my kitchen.  (i work in a teeeeny tinnnnny module---no lie)
all i know is she used her cricut, dumdums and a styrofoam ball on the inside. 

 her pot is from hobby lobby.  she said all their spring/summer stuff is on sale.  check out that butterfly on the top.  it has bling!!!

heres a picture to show you how big it is.
but wait.....oh pathetic am I???  im a techno geek right now.  this is where im kicking it and contemplating my night.

laptop, ipad, cell phone, home phone, old fashioned rootbeer candies, Coke, and stuff to make s'mores because im seriously thinking that could be my dinner!!!  at least my kitchen is kind of clean.  just dont peak in the sink. 

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Quilter Mom of 3 said...

Your kitchen looks almost exactly like my mom-in-law's!!

I LOVE it!!