Sunday, June 12, 2011

painted garage sale frames

click HERE if you are looking for the FRIDAY NIGHT SEW IN sign ups.  5 days and counting :)

you know those crazy gold painted photo frames?  during one of my garage sale adventures this spring, i found a few for less than $1.00 and knew they would be adorable painted.



 I am patiently waiting for the spray paint to dry.  ive pondered glazing/antiquing them for a warn look.  not sure a little scared to tackle glaze. 

im also working this monogrammed burlap pillow to put on my new hall bench.  :)
i think ill save putting it together for this up coming FRIDAY NIGHT SEW IN.  have you all SIGNED up?

i have never sewn with burlap.  is it a pain?  is it shifty?  any helpful hints?


sew many ways


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